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Tips on How to Write a Research Paper Sample

So, it is time for you to deal with your argumentative research paper sample. It is a hard task, actually. But, you can deal with it if you know few main tips and rules about it. There are not so many tips on how to write an argumentative research paper sample, actually. But some of them are really helpful and can make your task easier.

Besides that, you can always find some interesting and well-written research paper sample outline. You should learn the main hints and features of it. Below you can read few main tips on how to write a research paper sample. These rules can be also applied to Chicago style research paper sample.

How to write an argumentative research paper sample

  • Getting startedFirst of all you should understand the whole importance of having enough time for you to work. So, you should start as early as you can. For example, some average length paper of 10 or 20 pages can require from you a month to do it right. Besides that, research is also very important, so to focus and to do it right you should have a week or even more. So, just try to organize your time right. You can try to write a schedule or something like that. It will help you to deal with your time right. Also, there you can highlight your main points checks, tasks, and other stuff you need for your work. Also, you should have your thesis statement even before you start your research work. It should be your main question that you are going to investigate in your paper. Try to make as simple and clear as you can. Also, you should learn all the libraries that fit for your task.


  • Taking notesYou should write your own index cards. You can make them as some small pieces of paper. The colors should be different. You should note there the authors’ names, date, and page numbers on each card directly. It is a very helpful method for you to deal with your reference list and the citations identification. Besides numbers and names, you should be very careful with all the statistics and quotes. And remember that quotations should be just 10-15% of your whole research paper.
  • OutlineThe outline is very important. It will effect on the whole paper, actually, so, you should try to do it right. You can write your introduction at the top of the paper. It will also be your thesis statement. Follow it with your main heading. Also, you can write all your ideas and other headings in your outline. You should start your draft as soon as possible, actually. You should follow your outline directly and correct. Don’t forget to check all the facts that you posted in your paragraphs.
  • Draft

Your first draft should be written as soon as possible. Don’t forget to follow your outline. Check all the facts you have posted in your draft. For your final draft, you should have totally ideal and effective paper. For this purpose, you should check the grammar, structure, punctuation, and spelling very carefully.