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How to Start an Essay Paper?

Students usually fall into two distinctive camps. The first one is those who start doing their written assignment in advance to meet the timelines, avoid haste and have enough room for self-editing. The second one is those who put the task into the cold storage and then deal with it “at the eleventh hour.”

What about you? Are you a thoughtful student who prefers starting the job in advance or are you the one who writes essays on a rolling basis (usually a day prior to the submission)?

But even if you belong to none of the groups, there is an issue everyone faces. How to start an essay paper? What is the rule of thumb when it comes to composing a nice piece of academic writing?

As a matter of fact, it starts with your actual task specifications.

Agreat essay can be squashed by inattentiveness

Your teacher, lecturer, or professor gave out an assignment with the topic and specific requirements. So, give it time studying what’s needed to be researched, depicted, analyzed and written about. If you fail to meet the given instructions, your grade won’t be so high as you may expect it to be. Had written a stunning essay yet didn’t follow every specification? Please have your B (instead of A which you rightfully deserved. But alas, you were inattentive).

What’s next? Ah, the research part

Every topic has to be researched. From scratch, preferably. Even if you’re well familiar with it, still you should carry out a brief research. No one knows what new gems of information regarding the topic you’ll find. And this additional info will make a huge difference. Plus, lecturers usually tell how many referential sources are there to be used while writing. So, fetching a bullet-list containing the most crucial points of your research is a smooth idea as well.

Draw up an outline, for essay’s sake!

Indeed, an outline or a writing plan could save you agreat deal of time. How is that? Ideas and smart thoughts have a resilient habit.  They love hiding in your head so you can never find them again. They just disappear at the back of your memory or run away, so you never catch them. Lots of epic ideas were lost because an author didn’t jot them down. And when you have a writing plan, you just move along thekeyitems and never bother what should go after what.

The face of your essay (and it has to be pretty)

Three stages past you should start writing your essay but no sooner. Firstly, learn all the instructions. Secondly, research the topic. Thirdly, draw up a writing plan. And fourthly, think of a title for your masterpiece. Come up with three-five different variants and see whether they fit.

Every essay starts with… “Introduction!”

You’re writing an essay, so the choice of how to start your introduction part is next-to-infinite. Tell about your topic, why have you chosen it or, if it was given by a teacher, why you “loved so much working with it.” But don’t even think to make your introductory part vapid. A passage of a classy intro is thousand times better than a page of rowdy wish-wash. Just put some soul in it (even if you hate it with all the good you have in the heart, lecturer must see the opposite).

As you can see, starting to write an essay is no big deal. But if you did embark upon writing it at the last moment, a sleepless night is ready to embrace you. P.S. Just don’t do that, don’t put your essay in the shelf until a thunderbolt strikes and you suddenly come to realize you have ten pages till tomorrow. Exercise time-management.