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How Can I Write Essays and Research Papers Faster?

There is no big deal in this one. All you need is attentiveness and a load of energy to go all the way through from researching your topic up to self-editing the whole piece several times.

Let’s take an essay as an example. An average student copes with a seven-page piece in four-five hours given if he’s not distracted and determined to see the job done as soon as possible.

But the majority of students fail to find motivation to complete the task fast and according to the requirements. As a result, it takes the whole night to get to the full stop. Plus, in eight cases out of ten such essay turns out to be poor because you were sleepy, sloppy, tired and unmotivated.

The same rule of thumb works for term papers and complex researches. Students usually put them into cold storage and procrastinate so that the outcome is shabby. But such state of things is no good. It’s almost deadly in the long run, yet you can still turn the tables on and be in the stretch.

You can write faster. You can write better. You can save a great deal of energy. So, you won’t be feeling tired before the noon. How? Here are three best practices for you to follow.

Maru has another hundred videos to share? Don’t even think to watch

Unless you want to have another wasted evening without a single page of your paper written, of course. As far as distractions go, the Internet is their main monger. Concentrate and spend four hours doing your essay. You want to write your report or article, or review faster? It doesn’t automatically imply you have to type faster or think faster. First and foremost, it means you shouldbe focused.

A simple example. Being distracted by rage comics, cat videos, “just-one-more-episode-of-Game-of-Thrones-and-I’m-back-to-work” and other stuff online, you agonize these six pages of your opinion essay, take a look at time (it’s 11pm) and go to bed totally exhausted. Or, being focused for four hours, you put a finger on that opinion essay, proofread it nicely, take a look at time and see there is half of the evening left for you to enjoy or cope with other tasks. Did you write the assignment faster? YES (plus you did it in your standard pace).

That what predetermines how fast you can write coherent papers

If you just write fast, that’ll be a mere stream of consciousness that would’ve made Virginia Woolf proud. In academic writing, it is a key to think what you write. That’s exactly why you need a plan. Structure your research, think what should come after what and just fill this outline of yours with thoughts shaped into words, sentences, passages and, perhaps, chapters.

When you follow a plan, you automatically write faster and can finish an essay one hour earlier. Why? Because your thoughts and ideas are not scattered all over the place but gathered at one place. That is your plan. If you don’t have it, you’re just wandering in a dark mansion.

…and, sure thing, you have to practice (a lot)

If you heat the water, it boils. If you want to write faster, you practice. Having a bellyful of writing with clear-cut symptoms of nausea? Grow up and deal with it, since you can’t learn to drive by playing computer games or learn to cook by just reading tutorials. Practicing is essential in whatever light you view it. But it doesn’t mean you have to spit out ten essays a day to speed your writing pace up. In fact, there is such a marvelous thing as blogging. It’s good to express yourself, share ideas with people and train your abilities to shape smart (hopefully, they are smart) thoughts into words and put them to paper. Why do I hate writing research papers so much? Write about it. Hundreds of “likes” will be yours to receive.