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Cheap Essay Papers – Why Is It Dangerous?

As we all know, custom writing is what has a student’s back sometimes. No matter how hard you worked during the semester and how well-organized you are, when all the final papers are due in a week, there is no other choice but to ask for some help. While we don’t aim to talk you out of using these services or, vice versa, persuade you to use them more, there is still an issue we would like to draw your attention to, namely the prices of the writing service you are using (or even better – about to use).

Cheap custom essays are easily found on the internet with a few laptop manipulations, and it does seem tempting enough to get a paper for almost nothing. But is it wise in the long run?
Let’s see what makes the price of a custom paper. First of all, it is the writer’s remuneration, which represents not only the most important, but also the biggest part of the price. Then, overheads and payroll and some margin of the company. If the enterprise operates online, it cuts on the overheads and the payroll, yet they represent only around 20% of the price and do not reduce it significantly.
Consequently, what does it mean when a service offers you to buy essays cheap (and by cheap we mean two or three times cheaper than average)? Except for the rare cases when experienced specialists work for free, it means that the largest component of the price – writer’s remuneration – was reduced to a minimum. Who would agree to that? College and high school students who spend an hour on any paper and never bother to even proofread it. Yes, you do pay less, but the paper you get in return simply CANNOT be submitted (unless you want a D or a plagiarism accusation).

Thus, cheap essay service is a real threat to your educational career. If you are not willing to overspend, look at expedient price to quality ratio, rather than bargains. A reliable service usually offers discounts and price cuts, but it never gives out good papers for free. Before ordering from a certain service, conduct research: compare its prices with the prices of other providers. If they appear to be average – fine, go ahead. If not – you’d better stay away. Quality means price and it has never been otherwise (think of Chinese iPhones and cars).

Another thing to look for before using a website – an instrument to calculate the price of your paper before you place an order and guarantee that the price won’t change later. Otherwise, you might find yourself investing more and more money just because they make you. Be careful and choose the service wisely, and it will have your back for sure.