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Apple Watch works longer than you think

The first reviews of the Apple Watch were purely negative. In retrospect, it was inevitable. Think of yourself as a child: you were given a toy, and you all day using only it. We have matured, and the toys were about the same.

If you are not a journalist, who for the sake of writing need to test every detail in hours and keep up with them for a few days – your Apple Watch is working all day from early morning until night.

Even when you use it every 10-15 minutes, running applications and games, checking the time and paving routes, in the evening (23:00) it has about 20-25% charge. That would be enough before 6am.

Moreover, there is the “extra” mode, which employs only the time display. It almost does not make any sense, because it displays a dirty green and microscopic figures somewhere in the upper right corner. It is better to simply turn off and not torture the watch. However, such a regime can stretch 15% charge on a half-day regular check time.

It is clear that in order to defuse the Apple Watch you need 3-5 hours, if it is desired. However, the same argument for the actual iPhone. In addition, it is true about any smartphone on the market. The watch Apple has competitors. For example, Pebble works for almost a week. However, they have functions 20 times smaller, and the screen – monochrome. Therefore, we see no reason to compare them. Especially visually.

Most battery discharges are displayed. This means that over time, when you start to really use the Apple Watch, and not to play with it, you will see almost two-fold increase in battery life compared with the original values.

Many indignant, saying that I did not have more hours to charge it every day! However, if you live in the city and spend the night 95% at homes, real discomfort with recharging will not occur.

“Power supply” is very small and the cable had magically long. Seriously, there is a hike of three meters. You should pin the adapter into the hallway to get the most out of the old habits. Coming home, you always take off any watches and put them at the entrance.  You will never stay with discharged Apple Watch.

About the Author: Loli Gertom is a student. She is interested in the theatre, often she orders cheap research papers to save her time.

Where to study economics, law and science in Italy: University of Milan Bicocca & Ca ‘Foscari University

University of Milan Bicocca was established in 1998 with a very specific mission: to make research a strategic foundation of all institutional activities.
The university offers students 71 training programs in the field of economics and statistical sciences, law, medicine and surgery, psychology, pedagogy, science and sociology. University takes the 24th place in the world and the 1st in Italy rated by Times Higher Education Rankings 2015.

Research is intended not only as an extension of the frontiers of knowledge, but also as a qualification course, as a means of connection with the land, and as a contribution to the development of the production system.

The University has developed a strong and stable relationship with the business world, with particular attention to the local context in which it is inserted, and at the same time has focus on the international dimension.

Nowadays, the Milan-Bicocca University is a multidisciplinary university that prepares specialists in different fields: economics, law, science, technical science, medicine, sociology, statistics, psychological and pedagogical science.

There are more than 32,000 students, studying at the university at 8 faculties.
Ca ‘Foscari University
Ca ‘Foscari University is state university in the city of Venice, Italy. It was founded in 1868. The institution received university status in 1968. Currently, it consists of 8 faculties, and is recognized as one of the top universities in Italy to study economic sciences and humanities. The university has about 19,000 students.
Applicants must be proficient in English or Italian language, at a level not lower than B2, as well as to provide appropriate certificates or self-certification forms.

The University has a wide popularity among foreign students, providing a high quality of teaching and the mobility of admission process. At the international level, the University Ca ‘Foscari, is an institution of the highest category with a longstanding impeccable reputation. Where students do not use the cheapest essay writing service to studying in university.

University Ca ‘Foscari in Venice owns an amazing collection of books in his own library, modern computer technologies, sport centers, etc.
Ca ‘Foscari University provides a wide range of international programs for both resident students and foreigners.
The building, which the University occupies today, is a rich Venetian palace with views of the water of the famous Grand Canal.
About the author: Paula Jessica Smith is a freelance writer. She is interested in music, art and sports. Paula loves travelling and reading books.

Study Hacks For Memory


  1. Go for a walk. It has been proven that exercise helps memorize information. Stretch your legs before an important exam and get some fresh air into your lungs. If you have a test or assignment writing tomorrow, prepare outside. If you are sitting in a café, brace your muscles once in a while. It will help you concentrate and show your best at time X!
  2. Cram for finals. Do you know the secret of successful cramming? Read upside down and aloud. There are times when you cannot focus on the content, you just stare at the page and read the same sentence, endlessly. In order to avoid this, try to practice slow reading. You won’t be fast, but you will actually remember what you just read.
  3. You know the feeling of tension gradually increasing so you burst out laughing and crying at the same time. It’s due to the hidden emotions that suddenly prevail now that you’ve finally let them out. To prevent you from being hysterical during examination, we recommend you laugh beforehand. Positive emotions will enhance your creativity and let you reveal your inner genius.
  4. Team up. Find someone who is willing to learn as much as you do. Partner up to make a team and agree to share information while studying. For example, if one of you comes across the piece that is totally incomprehensible, stop and ask your mate to explain it in a simple way. Have your friend repeat the same thing twice until you understand. Verbal communication allows you to go through the details of your answer more thoroughly and enhances your memory capacities.
  5. Create an audience. If your friends are too busy to listen, you can create audience by making a speech in front of your cat or use mirror for that purpose. See how you look when you say something, analyze your speech patterns and talking speed. Sometimes we don’t realize we are swallowing words or speaking quietly. After you teach a few classes, you can go to sleep.
  6. Use whiteboards. Today whiteboards seem like a part of an old world. However, some classrooms still boast those huge, classy writing tools. You can create diagrams and charts or use them to scribble notes when a simple notebook is not enough. If you’ve got a literature test, jot down the characters and the plot line. Draw pictures and use maximum space to write important names, if we are talking about history examinations. Yes, whiteboards may be old school, but they still help a lot. Play an association game by relating things you need to learn to what you know. It is a secret of memorizing effectively, and if you can’t recall any real stuff, make up stories. This method is also used while learning a foreign language, and is very, very strong. ‘Toro’ is bull in Spanish. You can imagine a huge bull, standing on the alert, and thus remember the word. This one is helpful to prep for the exams.



Write Paper Online to Make Your Life Simple

Having to write a paper online has become one of the convenient ways to get your paper. You get to sit in the comfort of your own home and do everything in front of your computer screen. Many students are moving into this direction because when they get professionals to write paper online for them life becomes much easier.

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Writing an A-Grade Critical Review of a Product or a Service

First of all, let’s define what a critical review is. Some people confuse critical reviews with negative reviews, believing that they should throw mud at the product or service reviewed. However, that’s not true. A critical review is an objective analysis that highlights both the positive and negative aspects of the discussed subject. More information about a critical review can be found at educational websites such as https://student.unsw.edu.au/writing-critical-review

So, how to write an A-grade critical review of a product or a service? Let’s find out.

A review is an in-depth research and analysis, meaning that you cannot just browse the web for other similar reviews of a product or a service (such as Trustpilot Mackeeper Customer Reviews) and then tune them up a little to create your own review. Well, of course you CAN do it, but don’t get surprised if you receive a grade that is lower than you expected. For an A grade, you should craft your own review, based on your own thoughts and impressions.

To write a good review, you should comprehensively study the subject and identify your own – not someone else’s – pros and cons of the product or service that you are critically reviewing. For example, a software product can have a brilliant user interface design but poor functionality or bugs. A service, such as online money transfers, may be quick and convenient, but lack response from customer support. All these moments should be collected and properly documented, maybe supported with a table or a graph.

To sum up, when reviewing a product or a service, please pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Whether this product or service is trusted by its customers and is recommended by experts.
  2. Whether this product or service is simple and easy to use even for beginners.
  3. Whether this product or service has helpful and responsive customer support.
  4. Whether this product or service has not too “salesy” and annoying ads.
  5. Whether this product or service does what you want and expect.
  6. Whether this product or service is free of charge or cheap, and/or has no hidden charges.

Tips on How to Write a Research Paper Sample

So, it is time for you to deal with your argumentative research paper sample. It is a hard task, actually. But, you can deal with it if you know few main tips and rules about it. There are not so many tips on how to write an argumentative research paper sample, actually. But some of them are really helpful and can make your task easier.

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Why Literary Analysis Essay Example Is a Good Start

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Essay vs. Research Paper

As a student, I used to found it difficult to distinguish an essay from a research paper. For me, they were almost the same. At least I wrote them in the same way. Now, that I’ve started to work as a writer for an online writing service, I understood that it was my duty to learn about the features of these two academic papers in order to be able to write them properly. I did some searching and created my own list of differences that are important to remember in the process of writing. So, if you are about to start writing either an essay or research paper, you can definitely use the information I’m going to share below. Continue Reading