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Apple Watch works longer than you think

The first reviews of the Apple Watch were purely negative. In retrospect, it was inevitable. Think of yourself as a child: you were given a toy, and you all day using only it. We have matured, and the toys were about the same.

If you are not a journalist, who for the sake of writing need to test every detail in hours and keep up with them for a few days – your Apple Watch is working all day from early morning until night.

Even when you use it every 10-15 minutes, running applications and games, checking the time and paving routes, in the evening (23:00) it has about 20-25% charge. That would be enough before 6am.

Moreover, there is the “extra” mode, which employs only the time display. It almost does not make any sense, because it displays a dirty green and microscopic figures somewhere in the upper right corner. It is better to simply turn off and not torture the watch. However, such a regime can stretch 15% charge on a half-day regular check time.

It is clear that in order to defuse the Apple Watch you need 3-5 hours, if it is desired. However, the same argument for the actual iPhone. In addition, it is true about any smartphone on the market. The watch Apple has competitors. For example, Pebble works for almost a week. However, they have functions 20 times smaller, and the screen – monochrome. Therefore, we see no reason to compare them. Especially visually.

Most battery discharges are displayed. This means that over time, when you start to really use the Apple Watch, and not to play with it, you will see almost two-fold increase in battery life compared with the original values.

Many indignant, saying that I did not have more hours to charge it every day! However, if you live in the city and spend the night 95% at homes, real discomfort with recharging will not occur.

“Power supply” is very small and the cable had magically long. Seriously, there is a hike of three meters. You should pin the adapter into the hallway to get the most out of the old habits. Coming home, you always take off any watches and put them at the entrance.  You will never stay with discharged Apple Watch.

About the Author: Loli Gertom is a student. She is interested in the theatre, often she orders cheap research papers to save her time.