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Cheap Research Papers? You Should Know Better

In all honesty, let’s tell the truth. Written assignments are boring. Now louder. WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS ARE BORING! Yes, that’s right. Essays, compositions, term papers, reports. They are all dull, hopeless relics of the past, when people wrote letters by hand and sent them with pigeons. However, times change andan educational system fails to live up to the modern way of life.

Let’s take an average student as an example. Is it Jack? Or is it Susan? Or is it Muhammad? It doesn’t matter as each of them blogs, posts articles and short reviews on Facebook, comments on movies and writes tons of e-mails to friends and even employers on the Internet. The bottom line is that students do lots of writing outside schools, colleges and universities. So, a pivot question hangs thick in the air:

Why students are still asked to write endless arrays of essays? Isn’t there enough writing in their lives?

Because all this book reviews and reports take time, the most precious gemstone students have. And thus, instead of studying and gaining practical knowledge students waste time on essays.

It’s tiresome, boring and tedious. It brings students no pleasure. It gives you no delight. In adult life (the one which starts right after graduation) no one writes essays. Do lawyers write essays? Do Marketing experts write essays? No, they don’t.

Still educational establishments are avalanching students with written assignments as if they didn’t run a blog or communicate by e-mails, or post movie and music reviews online. It just doesn’t make sense. And, in fact, it’s an outragebecause no employer cares about your essays. Every graduate has enough of inborn writing skills to do the paperwork at any job position if there is a need.

So how to be? What to do? Is there a way out?

Ignoring written assignments is dangerous as they somehow constitute a sheer share of the grade for the subject you get in the end of the term. Writing all these essays is not an option since it’s too time-taking and simply fries the brain dead. Writing essays in two hours is not an option either,because it both takes time and brings a poor grade. Seems like a dead end? Absolutely not.

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